Bedfield Parish Councillors are:

Alison Manning (Chairperson)

01728 628046
07955 243 575

As a councillor I aim to support and represent the interests of all residents of our community, supporting the continued development of the village as a thriving community.

Keith Frost (Vice-Chairman)
Jenny Barham
John Dickson

Stephen Harvey

01728 627962

My name is Steve Harvey, I was co-opted as a Councillor in November 2019 after relocating to Bedfield from a rural village in France in March 2017. Having been previously involved in community matters, both in France and the UK, I wanted to continue this in Bedfield.

Ed Nesling
Richard Pickard

Geoff Robinson (Parish Clerk) -  01728 685425 or 

The Register of Member's Interests is available at
Select District as Mid Suffolk and select town/parish as Bedfield